• Minimum 21 years of age
  • The driver must be a license holder for the minimum of 2 years


  • Minimum rental charge is 1 day (24hours)
  • If daily rate is exceeded by more than 1 hour, an additional applies


  • Rental of the vehicle by specified rates
  • CDW & TP waives partially the responsibility of driver in case of accident to an excess amount. In the case of damage or accident, client needs to report it to ASD Rent a Car agent and to the police. Otherwise, Collision Damage Waiver insurance will be void, without a police report and breath test and client will be liable for the full cost of the damage. In the case of theft, client is not covered (TP) if doesn’t have car keys and/or car document and will be liable for complete replacement value of the vehicle if it is stolen. Third Party Liability (TPL) and Airport surcharge are included in rate.


  • Super Collision Damage Waiver, SUPER CDW (optional), the non-waivable excess is reduced
  • Personal Accident Insurance, PAI (optional)
  • Additional services and equipment (Child safety seat, Booster seat, Roof racks, Mobile phones, GPS, etc.)
  • Fuel and refuelling charge service
  • Taxes
  • Delivery and collection


  • All major credit cards accepted (Amex, Visa, Mastercard)
  • For some car groups 2 credit cards are needed as a guarantee


  • All vehicles are insured against damage caused by the third party. The insurance company coverse the damage caused by our car up the amount determined by the law.
  • With CDW renter will not be charged more than the amount of the non waivable excess (regarding to the tariff list for each group) for the damage.
  • Taking the Super Collins damage Wiever (SUPER CDW), the excess is reduced.
  • CDW and SUPER CDW are not comprenhensive insurances and do not cover the damage to the tires, wheels, under side of the car and the interior of the car
  • Theft protection TP, does not cover areas considered as a risk teritory


  • If persons are injured they shall, at first, be helped and third-party help shall be called. Road safety obligations are to be observed
  • To the extent possible client must do the following:
  • Immediately inform the Police and ASD Rent a Car representative
  • Take down all the details of any other parties invovled
  • Complete an accident report which is placed in etui with the car documents
  • Upon the return of vehicle rental write down a brief statement explaining the course of events


Paintwork & Body Panels

Any dents, impacts or damage visible from a body line check

Any scuffs, scratches that cannot be polished out, bird lime or other contaminationMissing or damaged aerials, any unauthorised repairs, underside damage, adhesive residue or other damages from application of decals or similar

Bumpers & Mouldings

Any dents or damage visible from a body line and underside check, any scuffs, scratches that cannot be polished out, bird lime or other contamination, dislodged (or missing) trims or bumpers

Mirrors, Lamps & Body Glass

Stone chips and cracks greater than 5mm in diameter, scratches to glass caused by rings or vandalism

Wheels, Tyres & Trim

Easily visible scuffs and damage to wheels and trims, missing trims, excessive tyre wears. Kerb damage, cuts, nicks, bulges or “run flat” punctures to tyres

Interior & Luggage Area

Cuts, scores, tears or burns to seat or interior trim, contamination of interior from smoke or strong odours, scores, breakages or damage to plastic trims or fittings, stains or excessive soiling of carpets or trims, missing equipment

Mechanical and Electrical

Wear and damage through abuse, overloading, or failure to replenish coolant or lubricant. Wear and damage caused by ignoring warning lights/instruments, or driving through a flood, wear and damage caused by driver error or inconsiderate driving style/technique

Key / Key Card

Broken or lost key, key card, unfunctional key, key card due to negligence


Failure caused by abnormal use, impact, abuse, neglect or during off road use


  • Smoking in car is not allowed
  • Vehicles are allowed to drive into Western European Countries
  • Vehicles are not allowed to enter Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and former USSR countries, Turkey, Iraq, Albania and Kosovo
  • Entrance in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro is *on request only


Dear Clients,
At the start of the car rental please check the vehicle condition and fill out the VEHICLE CHECK OUT/IN form. In case of an accident, you are obligated to contact m.a.c.k. rent-a-car representative, call the police and take the police report and alcohol test. Without police report and breath test any insurance will be void and you will be liable for the full cost of the damage. TP (Theft Protection) waives partially the responsibility of the driver in case of car theft to an excess amount. In case of an accident, for which you are responsible, you participate in damage with a maximum of (amount depends on car group)___€ + TAX, for this car group, with mandatory police report and breath test, otherwise you are liable for the full cost of the damage on the car. You can avoid participation in accident or damage if you decide to take additional insurances:
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver), waives your responsibility in case of the accident you are responsible for,     with mandatory police report and breath test: (amount depends on car group)___€ + TAX/ day, for this car group, does not cover wheels, undercarriage and glass.
WUG (Wheels, Undercarriage, Glass), additionaly covers damages made to wheels, undercarriage and glass in case you are responsible for the accident, with mandatory police report and breath test: (amount depends on car group)___€ + TAX, for this car group.
SCDW and WUG insurances do not cover malfunctions and damages caused by wrong fuel or reckless driving, damages caused by driving under influence of alcohol, drugs or passing through red light and damages caused by unauthorized driver.
I have read and understand this agreement, and I accept and agree to all of its terms and conditions.            Signature: _________  POLICE: + 385 192